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More than digital real estate.

Patients can connect straight to DrPlatis.com without needing to go through a search engine and parse through results. A short and memorable address to ensure your future patients find you without going down the wrong online trail. 

Paging Dr. Platis?

When patients work harder to find their specific doctor, their digital healthcare experience becomes muddled with unnecessary steps. Direct access saves them and your staff valuable time when communicating online.       


Prepared for a digital future and connecting with patients like never before. That is #Genius.


Own it. 

"You have to go to Dr. Platis; He is the best!" We often overestimate how memorable our own names are to patients. The truth is, most people find it easier to remember shorter, simpler phrases. When we are forced to go find the specific Dr. Platis for our specific needs, we introduce competitive forces and unnecessary steps. There is only one DrPlatis.com in the world. It helps to have it working for you.


A tried, trued and trusted online authority.

There is no more cost-effective way to professionally and instantly connect with millions of patients around the world. Doctors like Dr. Rubinshtein, a prominent and rising star in the dental world who has offices in New York and Miami, rely on their addresses every day to grow their digital footprint.

Go to www.drrubinshtein.com to see the creative ways his team has leveraged this concept.


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